Ps4 jailbreak Hack 1.75 cfw v1.02

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Welcome you friends. I will not tell you what it is and what it is jailbrek cfw. Because it just does not make sense :). I can say for sure that our improved version of our people by works 100% on each PS3 PS4 and I invite you to download and enjoy the sensations offered by the console as well as our program :)

Ps4 jailbreak Hack 1.75 cfw v1.02

Step 1. Connect your device to PC by Wifi or USB cable.
Step 2. Select your device firmware and press Connect button. It will verify your firmware.
Step 3. Now click on the Jailbreak button it will generate the PS4UPDAT.PUP file acording to your device firmware.

Step 4. Connect USB formatted stick into your PC or Mac Create new file on it named PS4.
Step 5. Within the file create another new folder called Update.
Step 6. Copy the jailbreak files you just downloaded onto the USB into the update folder.
Step 7. Now switch on your PS4 and take out the disc so it cannot load.
Step 8. Plug the USB stick into the console.
Step 9. On your PS4 launch Settings Navigate to System Update menu and, from the screen the appears chose Update Via Storage Media.
Step 10. Select OK if the terms conditions appears, accept them by clicking  on the appropirate box.

Jailbreak Instalation

Step 11. The install Update tab will now appear, Click on it and wait on your PS 4 to turn itself off.
Step 12. The Jailbreak should now be complete. To tryt it reboot your PS 4 by pressing the power button. Try to open and use a third-part app; if you can your PS4 has ben successfully jailbroken. 

More Features
No Regional Blocade, [works on all continents]
Easy to Use,
Undetectable, [do not worry you do not remove your account]
Auto Update, [downloading the latest version will be before you know it]
Can select a supported browser.

How To Download:
  1. Click the “Download” Button.
       2. Select one of the survey are available on the site.
       3. Fill out the questionnaire and download the program.

Download Mirror 1
Mirror 1
Download Mirror 2
Mirror 2
Info about File:
1. Ps4 jailbreak Hack 1.75 cfw v1.02
2. Size: 15.47 Mb
3. Version: 2.1.1
4. Price: Free for All
5. Total Download: 12853

Last application update:

Our Hack is 100% Safe, Virus Scan Here
100% Safe, Virus Scan Here

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