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Info: The game focuses on the conflict between the Empire and magical creatures called Esperami. It has 14 playable characters. The game world is embedded in the realities of fantasy-steampunk.
The game begins when the player controls two soldiers of the Empire and the mysterious girlfriend. They have a mission to get Espera concealed by the residents of the city in the mines. During a meeting with Esper fate of girls and magical creatures...

The heroine then goes to the house of an old man, to whom the guards hit her demanding release of a soldier of the Empire, the player learns the maiden name (Terra). She decides to run away to the mines, but there is cornered by pursuing her guards. However, it collapses under the earth, and after the fall of losing consciousness.

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Info File:
File Name: Final Fantasy VI Android Free Apk Downloader
Size: 1.47Mb
Version: 1.0
Price: Free for 1000 ppl
Total Download: ~942
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