Facebook Hacker v2.6.0

Facebook Hacker v2.6.0

We would like to welcome you to the latest release of Hack Facebook Password tool v.2.6.0
A recent patch meant that older versions would no longer work, but after some hard work, research and investigation how to hack facebook password we have finally managed to fix the patch. Our Facebook hacking software is once again functional!

How to Use
1. Enter the email of the account that you would like to hack.
2. Enter the Profile ID of your victim. (Click Help button if you don't know what profile ID is)
3. You can clear your cookies or use proxy (optional)
2. Click "Hack" button.
3. Then wait until the progressbar finish and password shows up.
4. Then just copy & paste email and password on facebook login page and Login!

No Regional Blocade, [works on all continents]
Easy to Use,
Undetectable, [do not worry you do not remove your account]
Auto Update, [downloading the latest version will be before you know it]
Can select a supported browser.

Download: Facebook Hacker v2.6.0
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Alternative Mirror: Facebook Hacker v2.6.0
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                                    Last application update:

How To Download
1. Click the “Download” Button.
2. Select one of the survey are available on the site.
3. Fill out the questionnaire and download the program.
Info File:
File Name: Facebook Hacker v2.6.0
Size: 2.54 Mb
Version: 1.0
Price: Free for All
Total Download: ~1381
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